We spent a long time designing and practising our Anglo Saxon board games so we could teach our parents during our Sharing Assembly. We spent a long time adding our Anglo Saxon art using Celtic Cross influences and knot art.


Well done to everyone from Nursery who represented the school so well today when visiting The Manor House in Whickham. We played games, sang songs and even had a biscuit and drink as a little treat at the end! The residents loved our visit. Thank you to all of the helpers who were a brilliant help!


Yesterday, Year 1 went up to the local church to learn all about baptism. The children practised baptising a sheep which the children named Jake Archie Fluffy. The children loved it when Miss Gilderoy practised baptising Father Barry (Article 28).


Lots of fun at Toddlers this week. We enjoyed decorating biscuits and then we got to eat them-yummy!


Today, 1G visited the Thought Foundation in Birtley to complete creative and artistic activities based around our Spring topic, playgrounds. All children completed three different activities using a variety of materials including chalk, charcoals and drama work. The children’s work will be display


Last term we visited the Shipley Art Gallery to look at the different use of textiles.  The children were given a brief introduction of how to ‘proggy’ and then in school we continued to develop the skill. I was so impressed with their efforts I contacted the gallery. As a result they came out and