This morning in 1G, we have been in a Science workshop. First, we created amazing snow drop bath bombs with a sparkle. Then, we made snow. It was important for us to use good teamwork skills today. What an amazing workshop it was! (Article 28 and 29).  


Thank you to the huge turnout at our Science Sharing Assembly! We combined our Harry Potter literacy focus with measurement in maths and forces and solutions in science. The children made new Snape Potions, measuring and mixing, and catapults to see how far they could get the golden snitch to travel


Key Stage 2 had an inspiring visit from the author Steve Webb and illustrator Chris Mould. They shared their passion of writing and drawing with the children. I am sure there are some budding authors and illustrators in our school that will follow in their footsteps!  


Today, 1G went to Marriott to make their own eat well plate. The children made starters, main course and dessert as well as decorating chef hats, aprons and an eat well paper plate. What a brilliant time we all had!! (Article 24 and 31).