Year 2


We had such a fun week in year two during STEM week. It all started with a visit to the park where we investigated local wildlife, then we explored towers around the world and their different uses. We made our own towers in two different ways. Finally, we debated whether we would flatten Chase Park


RE teachers, specialists and school leaders from all over Gateshead met recently for the SACRE RE Conference. Our RE ambassadors gave a presentation they had written about the job they do at Front Street. They were calm and confident, even taking questions from the audience! Afterwards, lots of the


We’ve all got rights! But we need to look after animal rights for them. Look at our habitat heaps giving bugs a comfy place to live! 


We loved learning to hula hoop with hoop stars and some of us managed to hula hoop during this session when we’d never been able to do it before!