Year 2


We’ve started gymnastics sessions again in year 2 and it is very clear how all the practise since reception class is helping our skills to develop. We are stronger at holding positions, balancing for longer and more stable, better at rolling and our confidence in general gymnastics is better.  


STEM week in year two has been so busy! We have: – made, tested and reviewed shoe box cars – learned about the grips on our shoes with a STEM ambassador called Anne – learned how to program ozobots – learned about the jobs some of our parents do – had an assembly with a female engineer from Nissan –


Year two have enjoyed so many Christmas activities: Christmas dinner, Christmas party, Christmas maths(!), Christmas Nativity, Christmas at the church and much much more!  We’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas and lots of happy holiday fun. From all the staff in year 2.


Meet Our Reading Champions. They have read and reviewed a set of new books from Waterstones. Their reviews will be taken to the bookshop  to be put on display. Next term the Reading Champions will share their books with their year group and in assembly.