The Arts


Just look at all of the amazing art we have created in Art Club. The children have learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves . Article 31


In year 2, we’ve been learning about insects and working hard to design a new insect. It had to have three body parts, wings, 6 legs and antennae. We’ve sent our designs to the intu competition linked to the big bugs on tour exhibition. Watch this space to find out how we get on…


Today we gave our fingers a workout by using squirters to paint the snow. Then we enjoyed speeding down the hill on a sledge. We had to take turns and we were very good at sharing. Then some of us worked as a team to make an amazing snowman. What a lot of fun !


The children are loving making their dream catchers tonight!!!  They have worked so hard twisting wool and leather around the ring…next week it’ll be time for the beds and decoration!!


We had an AMAZING day on Ancient Greek day! After learning about the history of the different city states, we made our own clay offerings. Then we acted out Sophocles’ famous play, The Medea. Best of all, we investigated different artefacts. Some were over 2,500 years old!


An exciting and busy week at Front Street Primary: on Monday, we welcomed Debbie Morgan from the NCETM (the lady who created the TV programme ‘Numberblocks’) and also Professor Xingfeng Huang from Shanghai Normal University. They had a tour of school, observed lessons in Y2 and Y5 and then more less