The Arts


One of our summer art skills was to impress patterns into clay.  Using our still life natural world influence from other art lessons we used household objects to create patterns pressed into clay.  We then painted and glossed our tiles.


Today we used different things to dye fabric to test which was best. We used red cabbage, beetroot, squash, tea, coffee and orange juice.


Today the children used all of the skills they have been learning to create a beach scene…they used colour mixing, used a variety of tools and materials for mark making and then added collage to compliment the scene! I think you’ll agree that they are super!!! 😃 article 28, 29


Today the nursery children visited the residents of the Manor House in Whickham. We played games and chatted to each other as well as sharing stories and singing. We made a hand and fingerprint rainbow for them to display in the home and the residents added their own handprints to the bottom. What a


1S are loving the special, secret deliveries from the Poetry Ninja!!! The children have been so excited to open and read the poems…thank you Poetry Ninjas😀😀😀 Article 28,29


Everyone in school were amazed by the standards of the art entries this month. It was lovely to see the 3D entries as well as the paintings and drawings. Well done everyone. Article 28


Today we based our art on using water colours and patterns. We spoke about how we should hold a paint brush, how to use the water with the water colour paint, how to mix colours together and what patterns we could create using circles. The children used primary colours and used the corrected names.


We learned about Guru Har Gobind in RE. Inspired by the story of how he used his cloak to help people, we created our own designs for a new cloak for him. We made stampers from unwanted rubbish. It was lots of fun.