The Arts


Today we based our art on using water colours and patterns. We spoke about how we should hold a paint brush, how to use the water with the water colour paint, how to mix colours together and what patterns we could create using circles. The children used primary colours and used the corrected names.


We learned about Guru Har Gobind in RE. Inspired by the story of how he used his cloak to help people, we created our own designs for a new cloak for him. We made stampers from unwanted rubbish. It was lots of fun.


3D11FBB8-1928-4BBC-9C0C-B45585C3BC53 Reception have been learning about money and shown an interest in the Royal family and baby Archie. We all became kings and queens for the day and learnt about who Queen Elizabeth is, where she lives and why she is important to our country. We sang our National A


We went to visit the Hancock Museum today and saw Dippy the Dinosaur. He was huge! The children loved investigating how long he was and how many bones he had. It was a great day and the children were very well behaved. Article 28


Today in year 2, we explored block printing with leaves. We tried to find the best ways to make the shapes and see the finer detail on the leaves. It was tricky to stay clean but we managed!


Reception had a workshop today from the RSPB which was all based on outdoors. The children looked for natural objects and then used their different senses to; hear the birds around them, smell natural objects when they were mixed with water and touch/describe objects they had collected. We then help


Oscar from the RSPB came to school today and we took part in activities envolving our senses. We collected natural objects found in our environment, made magic potions and some natural art. It was a lovely day. Article 28


1G had a fantastic trip to Gibside yesterday and we did not let the rain stop us having fun!! All children were amazed that you could draw a picture without a pencil or paint brush and only use resources from the natural environment – We have some great artists!!! (Article 28)  


We have had a fantastic time at Gibside this afternoon and we didn’t let the rain stop our fun!!! We explored making a picture without a pencil…sticks and up are much more creative!!! We made our own colour palette from nature and then went into the woods…in teams we deliberated, collaborated, e