The children couldn’t believe their eyes when it started to snow…they were so excited! They wrapped up warm and headed out for some fun.  Its was a bit scary sliding down the bank but it was such fun.  Once we were back inside we made our own snowy paintings.


Christmas has arrived in Nursery. We have heard the Christmas story and have been singing the songs from our Nativity performance. We have made ourselves a stable and have have loved using it to retell the story. We have been working in Santa’s Workshop, writing lists and cards and acting out Christ


What a busy week we have had! Thank you to everyone who was able to come in and help the children make their own bird feeders and binoculars. Everyone really enjoyed it. We talked about what birds eat and why we feed them. Article 28 The right to a good quality education.


Today we really enjoyed ourselves making dens outdoors. Reception joined nursery and we pretended to have a barbecue and it all ended with the fire brigade being called!  So our Front Street fire fighters came with their yellow hoses and put out the fire.Article 31 We all have the right to play


We went on a tour of the school. It was very interesting seeing the other classrooms. We came back and tried to draw a map of the school. Article 28