After planting and growing our own vegetables (thank you Dawn!) we harvested them to make soup! We had to wash our hands, take care with the knife and chop up the vegetables. We used a blender to blend it all together once it had been cooked. You can probably guess from the children’s faces who like


Today the nursery children visited the residents of the Manor House in Whickham. We played games and chatted to each other as well as sharing stories and singing. We made a hand and fingerprint rainbow for them to display in the home and the residents added their own handprints to the bottom. What a


We went to visit the Hancock Museum today and saw Dippy the Dinosaur. He was huge! The children loved investigating how long he was and how many bones he had. It was a great day and the children were very well behaved. Article 28


Reception had a workshop today from the RSPB which was all based on outdoors. The children looked for natural objects and then used their different senses to; hear the birds around them, smell natural objects when they were mixed with water and touch/describe objects they had collected. We then help