Year 5


Over the last half term, the eco kids have been encouraging their class to recycle paper using the recycling box in the classroom. Today, we examined the waste that is being put into the general waste bin and found out that we have succeeded! There is very little paper in these bins which we were re


An important part of learning about British values is understanding how our justice system works. In Literacy, we have been studying Alfred Noyes’ ‘The Highwayman’. We held a courtroom trial of King George’s soldiers. They were found innocent of stealing ale, but guilty of other crimes, and sentence


In Science, we’ve been learning about the different parts of a flower, and using labelled diagrams to show what we know. So in Art, we decided to make observational drawings of the flowers we used. Here’s what we drew… RRSA: Article 29 Science: To draw and annotate diagrams. Art: To use line, ton


Once again, Front Street were the largest dance group to perform at The Sage in Gateshead last night for the annual Dance Festival. The children were amazing both on and off the stage and they certainly wowed the crowd with their skills and talents… oh not forgetting their water pistols and the me


Today we did some collaborative feedback working in pairs to mark, feedback and correct our partner’s work. It proved very intense and great to see some superb supportive paired work.