Year 5


Knowing how to speed up the melting rate of ice is very important information for anyone who needs to de-ice roads or driveways after a winter storm, so why don’t you try the following investigation to find out what actually happens when we salt the roads? Does adding salt to ice and water slow down


On Thursday in DT we started exploring cams by creating our own, in preparation for building a cam mechanism over the next two weeks. Do you know which is the cam and which is the follower?


In D.T. Year 5 have been looking at how cam mechanisms work. We tested our ideas by making our own. We discovered how different shaped cams create different movements.


Thank you to the huge turnout at our Science Sharing Assembly! We combined our Harry Potter literacy focus with measurement in maths and forces and solutions in science. The children made new Snape Potions, measuring and mixing, and catapults to see how far they could get the golden snitch to travel


This week we’ve been looking at the causes, journeys and implications of the global migration and refugee movement. We have looked at reasons behind why people move across borders and how it must feel to be a refugee. We used the Paddington story to draw parallels with having to pack your bags an


As part of numeracy we often get the equipment out and explore numbers and calculations practically. Here we are building factor grids to explore prime numbers.  What shape can’t you make if it’s a prime number?