Year 5


We spent another exciting day at Nissan, learning about technology and engineering. We tried out some of the skills needed to build a car, and met some very clever robots.


The children wrote short planet based poems and using percussion instruments (including their bodies) created a short piece of accompanying music to play along to their poem.  The aim was to ensure the sound and rhythm matched the mood of their poem and planet.  Their composition was then recited


Year 5 have been exploring how colour and texture can demonstrate mood.  We looked at how one picture can be manipulated by changing the colour which changed the mood of the image. Here we are drawing and painting a flower with a certain mood.  The flowers were put together to create a bouquet of


Year 5 have been studying The Highwayman poem and on Friday we took the Red-Coat soldiers to court to decide on their fate – guilty or not guilty. We had a great time defending and prosecuting and hearing evidence from all sides. The result – guilty on all charges. Article 28, 29, 31.


Last night our year 5 Basketball team played the final game of the Hoops for Health tournament at Newcastle Eagles Arena. They qualified before the Easter holidays and were drawn against St Peters last night. Finishing an overall joint 3rd place we are very proud of them! Throughout the tournament t