Sports & Clubs


Today Reception had fun at our soft play! We continued to develop our core strength and gross motor skills by moving across and balancing on uneven surfaces. Articles 24, 28, 29 and 31


Over the last few weeks, we have been learning lots of new skills in PE. From syncro push ups to single leg squats. The lessons have left us feeling much fitter. We are working hard on our goals for the term and thinking about what we did to help towards these goals.


Today Reception had lots of fun at Whickham School using their indoor climbing wall! They learnt how to stay safe in their harness and how the ropes would keep them safe too. Mr Davison explained to the children how he was going to lower the rope so they could come down the wall and they all did a f


4O’N have developed their skills in Dance this half term culminating in a routine which showed a variety of dance skills; coordination, rhythm group work and  stamina.


In year 2, we’ve been learning to lead in PE. We all designed an activity then taught the group how to do it. We made the activity harder or easier as we watched. We learned that leading others can be tricky.