Year 3


We have walked miles today around the lovely grounds at Gibside. The children learnt about how to use a map and found geocaches in many different places using GPS.


Year 3 had a visit from the Language Leaders from Whickham School.They had a great time playing French games and learning new vocabulary.  


We took part in the World’s Largest Mindfulness Moment via ClassDojo. We are learning the importance of being still and how to train our busy minds to focus on just one thing. Mojo took us through some Mindful breathing to help with life’s ups and downs.


3O’N used their knowledge of 3-D shapes to help build some of the shapes they have been learning about. Their growth mindset was tested as it required real perseverance!      


Just look at all of the amazing art we have created in Art Club. The children have learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves . Article 31


These are 3O’Ns PE leaders this week. They led their activity demonstrating the skill and then offering guidance for how to improve. Very impressive.  


These are 3O’Ns PE leaders this week. They demonstrated certain skills to the class and then became the leader for their activity. They took on their role with great pride.