Year 1


Today we used the glockenspiels for the first time. We were so excited. We are learning how to play Three Blind Mice and have learnt nearly half of the song already. Maybe we have a budding Mozart in 1M.  


Today we started our programming unit in our computing lesson. The first task was to program the sphero to move forward. The children had to create a program and chose speed and length of time for the superhero to travel. All of the groups managed to get the sphero to move although some spheros went


The children loved using the sphero’s during our Computing lesson today!! They learned how to open the app, pair up their sphero, change its colour and the really fun bit…make it move!!! 👏👏👏 Article 28, 29, 31


1S have loved designing and building their bridges! They all worked incredibly hard on their ‘creations’ and thoroughly enjoyed working in friendship groups. Article 28, 29


We have had a great morning at the Baltic looking at the amazing bridges. We drew bridges using continuous pencil line and with our eyes shut, we even made our own 3D bridges. Now back at school our bridge work continues ask you child what they have found out about bridges from around the world. &nb


1S had a lovely morning at the Baltic, we studied the bridges crossing the River Tyne and sketched them…drew them with our eyes closed…and from memory!!!!! Then we worked in groups to make a 3D bridge. Lots of fun 😃 Article 28, 29