Year 1


Knowing how to speed up the melting rate of ice is very important information for anyone who needs to de-ice roads or driveways after a winter storm, so why don’t you try the following investigation to find out what actually happens when we salt the roads? Does adding salt to ice and water slow down


Today we have had great fun developing our scientific curiosity…in our hands on Science Workshop we made snow just like they do for the movies and made a Snowdrop Bathbomb!!! We worked well with our partners to mix, mould, separate and best of all…we had such fun!!!!! Article 28


This morning in 1G, we have been in a Science workshop. First, we created amazing snow drop bath bombs with a sparkle. Then, we made snow. It was important for us to use good teamwork skills today. What an amazing workshop it was! (Article 28 and 29).  


On Friday, the children were very excited as they put up the class Christmas tree. The children worked together in small groups to order the instructions and we then used them to put up the class tree. (Article 14, 28 and 29).


So much excitement today as we put our Christmas tree up!!! First we ordered instructions of how to do it and this definitely helped us make sure our tree looked beautiful.


Last week was ‘Anti-bullying’ week.  Each year group in school listened to the lyrics of popular songs they knew and then made up their own song about anti-bullying and being a good friend.  This is Year 1’s rap. Articles 12, 13, 14 IMG_5325


This week we are learning about Refugees and what it means to be a refugee, how it might feel to be one etc… This morning we watched the beginning of Paddington and discussed how Paddington was a refugee…we loved discussing the questions through our circle time and the language and understanding