Year 1


Over the last half term, the eco kids have been encouraging their class to recycle paper using the recycling box in the classroom. Today, we examined the waste that is being put into the general waste bin and found out that we have succeeded! There is very little paper in these bins which we were re


1S are loving their basketball sessions with Gavin the coach from Newcastle Eagles.  Their dribbling skills are so improved and the shooting fab!! It was great to see their smiles 😃 Article 29, 31


Today in 1G, we have been learning all about Easter. We were given one fact about Easter then we taught all of our friends that fact. Then, we worked together in groups to make Easter egg fact files (Article 14 and 28). We had so much fun!!


Today, 1S and 1G made disgusting sandwiches after reading all about The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We all had lots of fun and can’t wait to hear about whether the sandwiches were eaten by the seagulls or not (Article 28 and 31). Enjoy your homework this weekend Year 1!


Yesterday, 1G explored mass and weight using scales. We started off using numicon and then challenged the children to find different objects around the class that were heavier or lighter than another object (Article 28).


On Monday we developed our measuring knowledge and skills further and measured different objects in the classroom using non-standard units of measure. We had lots of fun working in pairs and using the cubes for measurement (Article 28).


Last week we have been reading The Lighthouse Keepers Cat and on Friday, the children enjoyed tasting different food and deciding if it was bitter, salty or sweet. The children tasted lemon, coffee, crisps, apple, dark chocolate and honey. We had lots of fun!!