Year 1


Year 1 children have recently taken part in a project called ‘Paper Playgrounds’ at the Thought Foundation in Birtley. The project came about when one of the children from Yr1 came first in a competition ran by the gallery. The school and parents came together to extend her prize to involve all of t


1G have been practising their balances during gymnastics.  Can you see all the different body parts they are using?  At the end of the lesson the children used their revising learning muscle.  They got creative and tried to use as many body parts as they could – feet, hands, knees, bottoms, shoul


1G have been improving their balance and getting creative in gymnastics this week.  They have use the equipment to finds original and creative ways to balance and move along each piece. (Article 24, 27).


It was snowing outside but Year 1 still managed to roll around in PE.  Year 1 have been learning to carry out different rolls: pencil rolls, egg roll, rock and roll, and shoulder rolls. We enjoyed a game of tag to warm up and then got to choose our different rolls.  (Articles 24, 27)