Year 1


The children are thoroughly enjoying their gymnastics coaching…they really had to work hard to move on the apparatus and could feel their muscles working.


1S wowed us today with their creative costumes to match some super adjectives!!! The children loved taking part in the Word Parade and posing for a photo 😀  


Today 1G visited Souter Lighthouse.  They found out all about how the light works and even saw the light working.  They saw how the lighthouse keeper and his family lived while he worked in the lighthouse.  Everybody climbed 76 steps to the top of the lighthouse and, although a little cloudy, the


After reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, the children had a great morning tasting foods to help them plan their disgusting sandwiches on Friday that the seagulls will not like. There was great discussion and some funny faces:  


1S have had a fantastic day exploring Souter Lighthouse. We learned about what it was like to live in a lighthouse over a hundred years ago!


Year one are loving their sessions with the basketball coach…they have been practising their dribbling and shooting skills and are really improving! Article 29, 31