It is Children’s Mental Health Week this week.  In Reception we have been learning about the different kind of feelings we have at different times and how we can deal with them.  We listened to a story called ‘In my heart’ which helped us think about how our hearts feel when we have different emot


Reception practised their balancing skills in PE today. They used different equipment to walk, jump and crawl along. Article 31 – You have the right to play and relax Article 28 – You have the right to use and develop your talents and abilities


Today Reception practiced their balancing, rolling and game skills in PE! They learnt how to walk like gymnasts and how to walk along a bench, turning in the middle. They had fun playing games practicing their jumping, crawling and walking skills. Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality ed


Do you ever feel like you might be ‘fumbling through phonics’ with your children? Do you hear words which your children are using and saying but you are not sure what they mean? Don’t worry we have the answer! This half term we would like to invite Reception parents, carers and grandparents to a ses