Reception had a visit to pets at home today to look at the animals, learn about how to look after animals and bought items for animals in our door area. We were able to scan and pack our shopping too! Well done Reception. Articles 12, 28, 29


On Wednesday 12th June the whole of Reception visited Hall Hill Farm. They enjoyed feeding the goats and lambs, holding chicks, petting guinea pigs and rabbits, learning how to milk a cow, taking part in a sheep race, having a very wet tractor ride around the farm and of course having some time in t


Today Reception had a surprise visitor who came in to read them a story…Mrs Spence and baby Oliver! All of Reception were so excited to see Mrs Spence again and meet Oliver for the first time. They enjoyed telling her all about the new things they could do and what has been happening while she has


Today we based our art on using water colours and patterns. We spoke about how we should hold a paint brush, how to use the water with the water colour paint, how to mix colours together and what patterns we could create using circles. The children used primary colours and used the corrected names.


This morning some of Reception had time in the soft play while the other children did Cosmic Kids Yoga. While in the soft play the children built towers, created obstacle courses and improved on their gross motor skills. Article  29 and 31


3D11FBB8-1928-4BBC-9C0C-B45585C3BC53 Reception have been learning about money and shown an interest in the Royal family and baby Archie. We all became kings and queens for the day and learnt about who Queen Elizabeth is, where she lives and why she is important to our country. We sang our National A


Reception had a workshop today from the RSPB which was all based on outdoors. The children looked for natural objects and then used their different senses to; hear the birds around them, smell natural objects when they were mixed with water and touch/describe objects they had collected. We then help


For the first time today Reception did the 15 minutes daily mile run. To start off we will be running for 15 minutes three days a week, we will then aim to run every day! This is following the daily mile run that is happening nationally, extra to PE sessions to raise children’s fitness. Well done