Over the last half term, the eco kids have been encouraging their class to recycle paper using the recycling box in the classroom. Today, we examined the waste that is being put into the general waste bin and found out that we have succeeded! There is very little paper in these bins which we were re


Reception had a special delivery on Monday! Today our first 3 chicks hatched. Watch the video timelaps to see it as it happened!! We have 59 very excited children. Watch this space for more chick updates. 7 left to go!


Over the week Reception have taken part in different Easter activities. They have made Easter baskets using shredded wheat, chocolate eggs, melted chocolate and an Easter chick. Yesterday the children all took part in an Easter hunt finding pairs of an Easter egg shape. They worked together to match


Yesterday 10 children from Reception went to Gateshead Leisure Centre to take part in this years EYFS multi-skills festival. They took part in different activities and had lots of fun!! Article 28


Reception have enjoyed working with the gymnastics coach this term and have learnt lots of new balances and rolls.  We are looking forward to continuing our gymnastics work next term! Article 24, 28, 29