For the first time today Reception did the 15 minutes daily mile run. To start off we will be running for 15 minutes three days a week, we will then aim to run every day! This is following the daily mile run that is happening nationally, extra to PE sessions to raise children’s fitness. Well done


Reception have had a very busy day today. We were lucky enough to watch 4 more chicks hatch! We now have 5 males and 1 female in total. There was also another egg starting to pip before we left at home time. What will this chick be? A5A062B1-9315-4B92-B15C-17BE60E739BA


Reception learnt all about British Values and Saint George today. We sang the National Anthem, looked at the difference between the St.George’s flag and the Union Jack, we decorated biscuits to match each flag. We looked at England on a globe and used Google maps! Reception enjoyed making dragons in


This afternoon 20 children from Reception went to Gateshead Leisure Centre to take part in the EY sports hall festival. The children took part in a carousel of activities and practiced skills in; jumping, climbing, football skills, balancing, target throwing and team work.