This morning in 1G, we have been in a Science workshop. First, we created amazing snow drop bath bombs with a sparkle. Then, we made snow. It was important for us to use good teamwork skills today. What an amazing workshop it was! (Article 28 and 29).  


Woohoo! Reception have their igloo!!! Thank you to everyone who donated milk bottles over the past couple of weeks. The children have had loads of fun today reading in the igloo, playing with the animals and putting on hats, scarves and gloves to keep warm!! Article 31 – You have the right to rest a


Christmas has arrived in Reception this week! Our year group elf arrived on Monday with a letter to the children explaining he was here to watch for good behaviour and good manners. He also told the children they had to play a guessing game to guess his name! The elf is called Elfie which was guesse


On Friday, the children were very excited as they put up the class Christmas tree. The children worked together in small groups to order the instructions and we then used them to put up the class tree. (Article 14, 28 and 29).


Article 10, 20,22 After discussing Paddington and the reasons he left Peru, the children generated questions to ask a refugee showing real empathy. We also discussed what were the most important things to take with us if we were a refugee.