Reception had a workshop today from the RSPB which was all based on outdoors. The children looked for natural objects and then used their different senses to; hear the birds around them, smell natural objects when they were mixed with water and touch/describe objects they had collected. We then help


1G had a fantastic trip to Gibside yesterday and we did not let the rain stop us having fun!! All children were amazed that you could draw a picture without a pencil or paint brush and only use resources from the natural environment – We have some great artists!!! (Article 28)  


Today 2M visited very the Apple Store to program a robot. We were challenged to program the robots to draw a square, triangle and follow a route. It was tricky at times but we pushed ourselves and debugged when things went wrong. Two members of the public approached staff to say how well behaved the


Year 5 have been studying The Highwayman poem and on Friday we took the Red-Coat soldiers to court to decide on their fate – guilty or not guilty. We had a great time defending and prosecuting and hearing evidence from all sides. The result – guilty on all charges. Article 28, 29, 31.


Last night our year 5 Basketball team played the final game of the Hoops for Health tournament at Newcastle Eagles Arena. They qualified before the Easter holidays and were drawn against St Peters last night. Finishing an overall joint 3rd place we are very proud of them! Throughout the tournament t


Reception learnt all about British Values and Saint George today. We sang the National Anthem, looked at the difference between the St.George’s flag and the Union Jack, we decorated biscuits to match each flag. We looked at England on a globe and used Google maps! Reception enjoyed making dragons in


Today we celebrated World Book Day! This year we came as adjectives out of our favourite books. Take a look at our photos and see if you can guess which adjectives we are! We took part in the Front Streets Word Parade where we saw everyone’s costumes… We have read lots of books in Reception toda


We had an afternoon learning all about University life at Newcastle Uni and the different things the children can study, clubs to join and facilities to use whilst at University.  It was fascinating to hear about all the different subjects and degrees and what all the amazing new buildings are for.