Year 1


We have had a brilliant first session with Little Rescuers…we learnt about dangers in the home, how to help someone who is injured, how to ring 999…even if we don’t know a phones passcode…we practised the postcode song and listened to a real 999 phone call so we will know what to do in an emer


We have been learning the difference between jogging and running and using our jogging skills to complete a 15 minute run…we found it very tiring!!! Article 29,31


The children have loved investigating how to make their Rocket Mice fly to the ceiling!!!! The shrieks of delight nearly frightened KS2 upstairs 😀


If you need a some extra reading material over the summer holidays is a fantastic resource for book banded reading books. All you need to do is sign up with an email address and then you will have access to their eBook library and a great deal more.


This Year we have worked hard learning how to sketch…today we have been looking very carefully at flowers and using our pencil carefully to sketch them from different angles. Article 29