Year 1


This week we have learned about our breathing system and how lungs work. We learned about CPR and what it stands for but also what it stands for for us…chest, press, repeat…key words to help us resuscitate someone!! G 


This week we have been learning about the ‘safe’ position also known as the ‘recovery’ position…the movements were all performed to music to help the children remember.  Miss Scott was a wonderful patient! 😀 We also learned about the bones in our body and the difference between a broken bone f


We had a visit from Front Streets Digital Leaders this morning who talked to us about Cyber Bullying.  The children really paid attention and asked some important questions that the Digital Leaders answered well.


This week we have been busy learning about how the brain works, how our body and skin reacts to burns and how to dress a burn.          


This week we have been learning all about the heart and how it works…we even got to pump blood around the heart! We also learned how to put a bandage on 😃