Year 2


Yesterday, 20 of our year two children went to Kingmeadow school to participate in a Tri-golf tournament. They were amazing representatives of the school and our two teams ended up in gold and bronze medal positions! 


2S enjoyed a visit to the Apple Store today and learned how to code Spheros. Did you know the Apple store run free sessions on weekends for children with lots of fun activities like the one we did today?


Today in year 2, we explored block printing with leaves. We tried to find the best ways to make the shapes and see the finer detail on the leaves. It was tricky to stay clean but we managed!


Today 2M visited very the Apple Store to program a robot. We were challenged to program the robots to draw a square, triangle and follow a route. It was tricky at times but we pushed ourselves and debugged when things went wrong. Two members of the public approached staff to say how well behaved the


We’ve been enjoying reading ‘The Creakers’ by Tom Fletcher in year 2. We are loving the Creakers’ houses that some of the children in 2S have made at home. We love seeing creativity like this.


In year 2, we have been learning how to stay in the lines when printing with paint. We were aiming for perfection with the positioning of our paint circles. We are loving art! 


Going to the church with the whole school finished off our learning about the Easter story perfectly. The year two children sang so enthusiastically.  Article 29- living peacefully and respecting others