Year 2


This morning, the children in year two became the teachers and taught their parents how we do maths at school: counting in tens, representing numbers, place value, understanding the bar model and Times Table Rockstars! What a busy morning we had  I   !


Year 2 were so lucky today we had a visit from some special scientists. We learnt all about reversible and irreversible changes. We used some excellent science words which impressed our visitors. Look at these photos to see what we did!


After designing and making our rafts today we got to test them. We tested how well they floated on their own, how they floated with weights, how well it moved and it’s overall appearance! We added the scores together and are going to put the results into a graph next week.  


Year 2 have been applying their knowledge of properties this afternoon to make rafts with sails. We had such a fun time and can’t wait to test them out! 


In 2M today we learnt all about the dictionary. We now know how to order words alphabetically and also what to do it we are ordering three words with the same letter at the start. We used the dictionary to find some definitions too.