Year 2


We loved learning to hula hoop with hoop stars and some of us managed to hula hoop during this session when we’d never been able to do it before! 


Today KS1 enjoyed their music workshop which was all about Disney. They heard facts about each Disney song then joined in singing and dancing to the music. Article 28 – The right to a good quality education Article 29 – Education should help develop your talents Article 31 – The right to play and re


Last week we made volcanoes and today we made  them erupt! We tested different combinations of ingredients to make the best eruption! We used  tonic water, Diet Coke, tomato ketchup and compared the eruptions ask your child which one was best.   13DF8DAA-C6B6-4A7A-B36D-5C71AC741539 C157E020-1


In year 2, we’ve been learning to lead in PE. We all designed an activity then taught the group how to do it. We made the activity harder or easier as we watched. We learned that leading others can be tricky.