5H had a fantastic time at Nissan’s Code Club. We learned about coding, and then put what we had learned into practice, controlling and racing robots. It was brilliant fun and we learned a lot.


We had an AMAZING day on Ancient Greek day! After learning about the history of the different city states, we made our own clay offerings. Then we acted out Sophocles’ famous play, The Medea. Best of all, we investigated different artefacts. Some were over 2,500 years old!


Today we conducted our own experiment! We tested the ground around school to see what was healthier-the field or planters. The healthier the ground the more worms you should find. As us what we found out.  


In STEM week Year 2 looked at the work of the world famous chef Heston Blumenthal. We write character descriptions about him and found out so many interesting things about him. 2M sent some some of their work to his restaurant and guess what???? He read them, this is the email we got from his public


An exciting and busy week at Front Street Primary: on Monday, we welcomed Debbie Morgan from the NCETM (the lady who created the TV programme ‘Numberblocks’) and also Professor Xingfeng Huang from Shanghai Normal University. They had a tour of school, observed lessons in Y2 and Y5 and then more less


On Friday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Nissan. They brought with them the Leaf electric car. We were able to hear it when it was started and compare it to other cars we have been in. We learnt about the impact the Leaf car has on the environment compared to non electric cars.