We had an amazing time visiting the Hindu Temple in Newcastle. We had lots of fun, which included trying on traditional clothes and having our hands painted. We played drums and listened to music. Kirtida, the priest, answered all our questions about Hindu beliefs and worship, and explained how Hind


We were inspired by the story of Guru Hargobind, and how he used his cloak to rescue innocent people from prison. We designed patterns which could be used on a cloak, making our stampers from recycled items like straws and cardboard boxes.


5H really enjoyed developing our sewing skills. We experimented with different stitches and embellishments, and learned how to join fabrics. We used our skills to make personalised cushions!


In RE, Year 5 learned about the special festival held in Jaipur every year, as part of the celebrations for the Hindu festival of Holi. Elephants are painted and dressed in special clothes and jewellery. We painted our own designs to join in the fun, using only the three primary colours to create so


5H had an amazing day in Newcastle, visiting the exciting Great Exhibition of the North. We learned about hyperloops, grapheme light bulbs, Stephenson’s Rocket and lots of other things. We loved exploring the different buildings around the city. Which ones do you recognise?


In Science, Year 5 have been measuring our bones, and comparing them to Reception pupils’ bones. We used complex tables to record our results and made observations about what we found.


An important part of learning about British values is understanding how our justice system works. In Literacy, we have been studying Alfred Noyes’ ‘The Highwayman’. We held a courtroom trial of King George’s soldiers. They were found innocent of stealing ale, but guilty of other crimes, and sentence