Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived in Reception this week!

Our year group elf arrived on Monday with a letter to the children explaining he was here to watch for good behaviour and good manners. He also told the children they had to play a guessing game to guess his name! The elf is called Elfie which was guessed by Andrew and Lewis. He brought the children an advent calendar but Elfie had changed two of the numbers around! (See if you can work out which numbers they were).

Yesterday the children spent some of the afternoon decorating the Christmas tree and the classroom with Christmas decorations!

This morning when the children arrived at school they spotted Elfie in the igloo… Elfie has broken part of the igloo and we now are missing a wall!!

We hope Elfie has a better couple of days…

Article 7 – You have the right to a name, Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality education, Article 31 – Hou have the right to rest and play.

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