Both classes from Nursery (morning and afternoon) visited ‘Whitehouse Farm’ to find out what happens on a farm.  We had so much fun when we were there, we got to look at and touch lots of animals.  The children were all very brave and even got to feed some of the animals.  We got to go on a tract


Now that it is December we are getting ready for Christmas.  The children have been busy learning songs for their Christmas play and making a Christmas tree to go on the stage. We were also lucky enough to see one of Nursery’s dress rehearsals.


The new topic in Nursery is ‘Pattern’.  We kick started our topic with a ‘Pattern Day’ we had lots of fun making pattern biscuits, pattern hats and skirts and getting out faces painted in a pattern.  Everyone made a brilliant effort to dress up in as many patterns as they could and we enjoyed look


We had a great time at our Beach Party. Reception came and joined us. We played ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, made kites, built sandcastles, played in the water and danced. We even had ice creams and had a knobbly knee competition!


Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to the Nursery Fair. The Brownies who helped on the stalls were fantastic! Thank you so much to the Year 5’s and Year 6’s who offered to help with the facepaints and worked with some of the nursery children. We had a great time and raised over £300!


Following the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton we had our own Wedding! We were lucky enough to be able to ‘get married’ at St Mary’s church in Whickham. A huge thank you to Father John who conducted the ceremonies.


ZooLab came in and brought some minbeasts and small creatures for us to look at and feel.  It was brilliant to be able to see them up close.  We were all very brave!


The Easter Bunny visited us this week. We had an Easter Egg Hunt! Then the next day we held two Easter Egg Competitions.  One for the children and one for the adults. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to the children from Reception who came down to Nursery and judged. Well done!


We found lots of spiders in and around nursery. We decided to make our own web. We tried very hard not to get tangled up!