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There appears to be numerous people ignoring the parking restrictions around the school.
The same people commit parking offences on a daily basis.
Yellow lines can not be parked on legally during the times displayed on the big "very hard to miss" signs that are situated along the kerbside.
If drivers are not capable of seeing these signs then the question would be should they really be driving?
It is also an offence to park on the path where yellow lines or zig zags are painted.
The path is part of the highway, so again it is an offence to park or stop even to drop someone off.
I have tried to use my contacts to spur the neighbourhood policing team to pay it some attention, after twice nearly being hit by cars driving up the one way street the wrong way.
They have not found the time to patrol or issue advice or tickets as yet.
Can something be put in the newsletter, I doubt it will be the first time the problem has been highlighted.
If it continues I will gather the evidence required, photos etc and have tickets issued myself.
I would prefer not to have to do this, but I can and will as it is a genuine and very serious issue.

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