Sports & Clubs


Yesterday, 20 of our year two children went to Kingmeadow school to participate in a Tri-golf tournament. They were amazing representatives of the school and our two teams ended up in gold and bronze medal positions! 


Year 4 looked at the skill of Control and balancing in Gymnastics today. We were challenged to move a different part of our body when performing a balance and hold it for 5 seconds.


3 teams of 24 children from Year 5 took part in the Year 5/6 cricket tournament just before half term. They all bowled, batted and fielded and had a great day at The Glebe with a picnic lunch in the middle.


For the first time today Reception did the 15 minutes daily mile run. To start off we will be running for 15 minutes three days a week, we will then aim to run every day! This is following the daily mile run that is happening nationally, extra to PE sessions to raise children’s fitness. Well done


Last night our year 5 Basketball team played the final game of the Hoops for Health tournament at Newcastle Eagles Arena. They qualified before the Easter holidays and were drawn against St Peters last night. Finishing an overall joint 3rd place we are very proud of them! Throughout the tournament t


We have been learning to listen to instructions in PE. Some of us have been learning to be PE leaders too by giving the instructions. article 28 9C0F9977-0313-4E10-BCBD-6CBCB592D594 A965FFB0-1022-4CEF-AF83-48E2C36F03E2 66BEE8E1-7D6B-410A-87BD-1C0E05451E07


These are 3O’Ns PE leaders this week. They led their activity demonstrating the skill and then offering guidance for how to improve. Very impressive.  


These are 3O’Ns PE leaders this week. They demonstrated certain skills to the class and then became the leader for their activity. They took on their role with great pride.