As part of our commitment to raising awareness of various disabilities during lessons at school and as part of the Sainsbury’s School Games award, all children will take part in P.E. lessons that have different disabilities at their core. We have a range of sensory equipment at school plus guides an


Yesterday Year 3 were exploring what malnutrition is, how it affects children around the world and what can be done about it. We worked in groups looking at issues in Liberia and closer to home through the rising use of food banks. Using the information we researched we then worked together to produ


Year 1 have been learning about malnutrition.  We have been educating ourselves with how to make a nutritious smoothie.  We know how to make a healthy smoothie full of vitamins and have written instructions to help other children. Article 24, 27, 28, 29


Year 1 have learnt about what can be done to help children who are malnourished.  As well as teaching mummies and daddies about the best foods to cook, something that can be given to children is a life-saving food called plumpy nut.  Today the children have tried home-made plumpy nut, which inclu


Today we learnt about nutritional food. We had a picnic and tried some healthy food. We know that nutritious food helps us to grow and be strong.We also talked about how some children in the world are not lucky enough to have nutritious food. We were proud to be part of trying to make a difference w


Reception had a visit from Road Safety yesterday. We learnt that we need to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN before we cross the road. We enjoyed doing this on a pretend road and sang a song about road safety.