Thank you so much for all the shoe donations. I am sure they will be appreciated by many children. article 2  


Today was the last session of the showing potential academy 2017! Amelia, Evie, Jack, Joseph and Fynn have completed the 5 weeks of training pria to today’s final event. They have learnt new skills and made new friends throughout the course of this academy. Well done to you all! Article 29- Your edu


This morning ten children from years 3,5 and 6 went to Gibside School to take part in different sporting games with children from Year Six. We made new friends and met with old friends. Thank you for having us Gibside! Article 23- You have the right to special education and care if you have a disabi


This morning 1B carried out a practical maths lesson using balancing tools. They used different items from around the classroom and decided which was lighter and which was heavier, giving their reasons. Article 28- You have the right to a good education Article 29- Your education should help you dev


Today Year One have been using standard measure to make their own mug cakes!   4tbsp self raising flour 4tbsp caster sugar 2tbsp coco powder 1 medium egg 3tbsp milk 3tbsp vegetable oil A few drops of vanilla 2tbsp chocolate chips Mix together in your mug and put in the microwave for 4 minutes &


As part of raising awareness about children with disabilities each year group has had the opportunity to share their learning with another year group. This week Year 3 visited Year 1 to talk to them about Autism. They were very good listeners.


We created some Diva lamps using collage techniques and looked at fabric printing patterns, taking some features and creating our own basic layered prints.  Here we are starting with layer 1! Article 14 – freedom of thought, belief and expression.



Our mystery readers this week were Lauren’s grandma and Matthews dad. They read a lovely story to us and Lauren and Matthew were very surprised! As our adults are our duty bearers they are helping us learn about new stories. Article 5


This morning 1S read the book called First Place which was all about a child with a disability. Children asked questions; What is a disability? What kinds of disabilities are there? Who has a disability? How do schools support children with a disability? Which special schools are there in the area?