We had a great time at our Beach Party. Reception came and joined us. We played ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, made kites, built sandcastles, played in the water and danced. We even had ice creams and had a knobbly knee competition!


The Easter Bunny visited us this week. We had an Easter Egg Hunt! Then the next day we held two Easter Egg Competitions.  One for the children and one for the adults. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to the children from Reception who came down to Nursery and judged. Well done!


We found lots of spiders in and around nursery. We decided to make our own web. We tried very hard not to get tangled up!


As part of our Great Outdoors topic we have been looking at mini-beasts. We read ‘The Very hungry Caterpillar’. Then we started to make a very long caterpillar and a very big butterfly! We tasted the fruit from the story and then we did some printing. We are going to put our caterpillar and butterf


What a windy day! We felt the wind pulling the ribbons and the parachute. The colours whipped through the air! We felt the wind pull and heard it blow through the trees. We had great fun.


The School Council children created and delivered an assembly to all of the children in the school, as part of their Eco-Schools Project. The focus of the assmbley was to remind everyone to recycle, reduce and reuse. climate week assembly