Competence in reading is a life skill and the key to independent learning. Therefore, the teaching of reading is given a high priority by all staff at Front Street Primary School.

We recognise that reading is a multi-strategy approach to understanding the written word. It is not simply mastering the art of decoding but involves the ability to read with understanding a wide range of texts. The texts will include fiction, non-fiction, real world texts such as labels, captions and lists.


At Front Street we aim to:

Foster an interest in books and a love for reading

Ensure children can read with confidence, accuracy, fluency and understanding

Develop their imagination and become critical readers

Expand their written and oral vocabulary

Early Reading

Reading is about being able to decipher the print and to understand what the writer is attempting to communicate. As a result, teaching reading is a complex process which involves many skills. At Front Street we teach synthetic phonics as our main strategy for decoding, this is referred to as Read Write Inc (RWInc) but this is supported by teaching sight vocabulary (key words), using picture cues and using the context of what we are reading to provide a sense of understanding.

Children are routinely assessed for their sound recognition, blending and reading and extra intervention is provided where appropriate.


Developing Reading

By the end of Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2, the focus becomes primarily on comprehension. Differentiated and inclusive lessons focus on the key skills outlined in the National Curriculum; understanding, inference, and deduction and higher order reading skills. In Key Stage 2 children are taught more about understanding the texts they read so that they can share literal answers but also express their responses to the texts and eventually interpret the writers’ intentions. As children become more proficient in reading, teachers will hear them read through a Guided Reading approach. During this process, the children work in small groups, once a week, to read and share texts with a clear focus on reading objectives based on understanding what they are reading. This will be supported by a number of activities during the week with children working independently to consolidate and practise.


Reading Scheme

At Front Street we use a variety of reading schemes so that the children are able to explore a range of text types these include; Floppy Phonics, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and a variety of Non-fiction texts to support the development of children’s reading skills. For more competent readers, the school provides a range of books which could be purchased by the public or borrowed from libraries.

Children are given a reading book at an appropriate level to take home and read, with the expectation of at least one book a week.


Home Reading

It is widely recognised that regular practice allows children to continue to develop their reading skills as well as develop their love for reading. We encourage an adult to read with their child/ren as often as possible.