Here you will find information about what our pupils learn in school. If you would like any further information about our school curriculum, then please speak to the class teacher.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 we follow the National Curriculum.

For maths, we follow the Gateshead Core Curriculum (MGAP) – see below for specific year groups.

MGAP Year 1MGAP Year 2MGAP Year 3MGAP Year 4MGAP Year 5MGAP Year 6

For reading and writing, we follow the Gateshead Curriculum (WGAP and RGAP)

RGAP Year 1RGAP Year 2RGAP Year 3RGAP Year 4RGAP Year 5RGAP Year 6
WGAP Year 1WGAP Year 2WGAP Year 3WGAP Year 4WGAP Year 5WGAP Year 6

Here are details of the foundation curriculum that we teach:

Music Curriculum KS1   KS2  National Curriculum
RE Curriculum     Gateshead SCARE Syllabus
History CurriculumHistory National Curriculum
Geography CurriculumGeography National Curriculum
Languages Curriculum (French)National Curriculum
Science Curriculum Units Science National Curriculum
Computing CurriculumComputing National Curriculum
PSHE Curriculum Y1    Y2    Y3    Y4    Y5    Y6
Art CurriculumArt National Curriculum
DT CurriculumDT National Curriculum
PE CurriculumPE National Curriculum

Here, you can find our coverage by term. (***WE ARE CURRENTLY REVIEWING OUR CURRICULUM – PLEASE COME BACK FOR UPDATES ***)

Year GroupAutumnSpringSummer
NurseryAutumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
ReceptionAutumn Curriculum  1   2Spring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 1 Autumn curriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 2Autumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 3Autumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 4Autumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 5Autumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum
Year 6Autumn CurriculumSpring CurriculumSummer Curriculum