Reception do World Book Day!

Reception have had an amazing day celebrating World Book Day today! Everyone dressed up as an adjective!

We started our day off discussing the adjectives and taking photos of our fantastic costumes. We then joined the whole school for a World Book Day Parade, we all loved it! During the morning we all made a book mark, using our fine motor skills to colour them in neatly. During our independent writing we wrote about our costume and what adjective we were. We finished the day off with Mystery Reader!

Thank you to our cooks who made us lots of cakes and biscuits with different adjectives displayed on them!

Article 8- The right to an identity

Article 12- The right to an opinion

Article 27- The right to food, clothing and a safe place to live

Article 28- The right to a good quality education

Article 31- The right to play and rest

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