Stem week in Reception!

This week Front Street have had a stem week for Science.

On Tuesday Reception had a visit from a company in Durham called Esh Group who brought in building equipment for the children to use. They spoke about how to use the building blocks and why you should wear safety clothing. Reception have loved using these resources and have made some brilliant towers and walls.

We made a big volcano out of paper and a water tube. Children guessed what would happen to the vinegar when we added bicarbonate soda to it. We watched as it bubbled to the top and exploded out. The children then added different colours to the vinegar and added more bicarbonate soda to it! We also used aqua beads in the water area, we added water to the beads and watched as they expanded.

Reception have also taken part in a skittle experiment! The children worked in partners and came up with their own patterns using the skittles. They then placed them around the plate, with support one person from each pair then tipped warm water over the skittles. The children then watched as the skittles created patterns.

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