Year 6


Last week our Year 5/6 netball team sailed through to the Gateshead finals which are held in December. They scored 16 goals and conceded no goals! Well done to you all and good luck in the finals. Article 29 – your education should help you use and develop your talents


              If you are year 4 and above we would like to invite you to join our ‘New Percussion Ensemble’. This will be held in the William Shield Room at the Dryden Centre each Wednesday, term time only, from 16:30-18:00pm and is free of charge. The start da


Yesterday, Year 6 spend a full filled day on Holy Island – exploring where the Vikings invaded. While we were on the island, we visited the Priory (where we explored the history of the island and a range of artefacts) and investigated and drew parts of the out door ruins. After eating lunch – on the