Year 2


Year two had a fab morning making shoes with family in their science sharing assembly. If you made shoes out of recycled materials, what would yours look like? In our science lessons, we love our children to be curious, investigate and learn from working together. We also love our children to learn


Today in maths we were playing with numbers. We rolled two dice to make a two digit number and had only five steps, adding or subtracting  1 or 10 to get that number as near as we could to 50.


History, science and maths in one lesson! Today, we completed our history topic about how the first aeroplane flight changed the world. We made three types of paper aeroplane and tried them out to see which one flew the furthest, just like the Wright brothers would have done when they made their fir


As part of our handball lessons we have been learning about ball control. Today we have worked with a partner to show how good we are. We couldn’t move our feet just stretch to get the ball from our partner! Our eyes were peeled on that ball ready for the bounce then we pounced.


Today we are applying our addition and place value skills to our maths with our new ‘dicey game.’ Ask your child what they had to do and have a game at home!  


Today we have tested our rafts. We marked them out of ten for floating and moving. Some scored 20/20!! We had great fun and have put all of the results on a bar chart.