This week we are learning about Refugees and what it means to be a refugee, how it might feel to be one etc… This morning we watched the beginning of Paddington and discussed how Paddington was a refugee…we loved discussing the questions through our circle time and the language and understanding


Today, 1G went to Marriott to make their own eat well plate. The children made starters, main course and dessert as well as decorating chef hats, aprons and an eat well paper plate. What a brilliant time we all had!! (Article 24 and 31).  


Last Sunday (12th November), pupils from Front Street took part in the annual Remembrance Day Parade. A poppy wreath was laid at the cenotaph, accompanied by some beautiful readings that were written by our pupils. They did us (and their families) proud!  


Reception have been learning about Remembrance Day this afternoon. We learnt about how special the number 11 is to remembrance day too. We enjoyed colouring in poppies, dancing to war time music and marching like soldiers. (Articles 6, 19, 28 and 41)


This afternoon our Year 5/6 Tag Rugby team competed in this years Rugby tournament against 19 other teams! They won 2, lost 2 and drew 1. You all played excellent and your manners were impeccable. Well done to you all! Article 29- Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abili


Today in 1G, we have been learning about different weather symbols for our Geography topic, Seasons. We went outside and drew the weather symbol on the ground for today using chalk. Then, we made a sensible prediction about what the weather will be like tomorrow and drew that on the ground with chal