This afternoon Reception had their first two mystery readers! Thank you to Blakes mum and Mrs Robson who came and read a book to us all, we all had a lovely time with some very surprised faces!! Article 5- Your family have the responsibility to help you learn Article 28- You have the right to a good


This morning early years had a lovely treat watching Gateshead Music Team perform different music and stories using nursery rhymes. We learnt some new words linked to music; tempo, dynamics, forte, piano and speed. Some of the children even had a go at playing some of the musical instruments! Articl


Maria from Gateshead libraries came to read us a story today. It was called ‘Bumble bear’, we even got to meet Bumble bear and Queen Bee.  We got our photo taken with Bumble bear and he enjoyed playing in Reception. Everyone in Reception was given a ‘Time to read’ pack with the book inside for you


During ‘Take one Poem’ week we shared a poem about being on a swing. We talked about going to the park and all of the different types of equipment we enjoy playing on. We talked about how we feel when we are on a swing. Then we all made our own pendulum painting design on a t-shirt which we can wear


During the day yesterday all of the Reception children took it in turns to go to our schools new soft play. They practiced moving around the equipment, playing with friends, making towers and rolling over the equipment. Article 15 – you have the right to choose your own friends Article 28 – you have


This week is take one poem. Reception are basing their work on the poem When I Swing. Today we have been practicing our  balancing skills, big arm movement skills, dancing and listening to music and thinking of words linked to swings such as; whoosh, weeeee, woo hoo, splash and yey! When I swing I


Today in Reception we started our super me topic by making superhero smoothies which gave us superhero powers such as; flying, turning things to ice and being strong. We then dressed up and gave ourselves superhero names! We also used our super powers to write about our day! Article 31- you have the