We have enjoyed ourselves outdoors this afternoon! We covered physical, imaginative, social, mathematical and language skills all at the same time.


This morning early years had a lovely treat watching Gateshead Music Team perform different music and stories using nursery rhymes. We learnt some new words linked to music; tempo, dynamics, forte, piano and speed. Some of the children even had a go at playing some of the musical instruments! Articl


We have had a fabulous time in our ‘Mud Kitchen’ today. Everyone will get the chance to go in over the next few days as long as the weather holds. Article 31 Some of us enjoyed the warmth of indoors!


What else would you do on a day like today other than make kites? We loved taking them outside and watching the wind blow them around! Article 28, 31


During ‘Take one Poem’ week we shared a poem about being on a swing. We talked about going to the park and all of the different types of equipment we enjoy playing on. We talked about how we feel when we are on a swing. Then we all made our own pendulum painting design on a t-shirt which we can wear