Today, 1G went to Marriott to make their own eat well plate. The children made starters, main course and dessert as well as decorating chef hats, aprons and an eat well paper plate. What a brilliant time we all had!! (Article 24 and 31).  


Last Sunday (12th November), pupils from Front Street took part in the annual Remembrance Day Parade. A poppy wreath was laid at the cenotaph, accompanied by some beautiful readings that were written by our pupils. They did us (and their families) proud!  


Today 2m visited our local Apple Store we had great fun. We became composers and designed our own video game character to match our music! Getting a free t shirt just added to the fun!  


Auntie Jen came in this week to teach us about germs. We learned that the ‘real’ science word for germs is ‘microbes’ or ‘microorganisms’. These are year 6 words! We collected swab samples from the dirtiest places in school and rubbed them on agar jelly in petri dishes. The petri dishes


WOW!!!! What an amazing trip we have had to The Marriott Hotel today….Chef Chris was just fantastic!!! The children prepared a 3 course meal…hummus and crudités, chicken pasta and salad followed by a delicious fruit salad. The children even plated it up and served it to each other…they just l


Family Learning invites you to come and have fun in our Pirate workshop! When: Thursday 16th November 2017 Where: Front Street Primary School Duration : 1 hour Time: 9.00-10.00am During the session you will work with your child/children making a variety of things such as: * Parrot Puppet   *Pirate